Midnight Pool 3

Midnight Pool 3 1.1.9

Classy mobile pool game with lots of game modes

Midnight Pool 3 is a comprehensive, challenging and enjoyable pool sim for Java phones. View full description


  • In-depth career mode
  • Two-player battle
  • Smart, top-down graphics
  • Lots of power-ups and extras
  • Trick shots


  • Cut scenes in career mode are a bit silly


Midnight Pool 3 is a comprehensive, challenging and enjoyable pool sim for Java phones.

There are three main game modes in Midnight Pool 3. You can play a quick game against the CPU, take on the in-depth challenge of the career mode, or play against a friend in a duel, where you take it in turns to take shots, passing the phone between you.

Playing in career mode

One of the things that sets Midnight Pool 3 apart from other mobile pool games is its career mode. This is based around a (slightly far-fetched) storyline in which you take on a series of rivals with whom you have a score to settle. In between each match are cut scenes with dialog where the characters trash talk each other. This can get a bit annoying, but on the other hand it helps to add a bit of color to what would otherwise be just a straight series of pool games.

Obviously, the most important part is the games themselves - and here Midnight Pool 3 excels. The top-down view of the table isn't spectacular to look at but it's clear and functional. Midnight Pool 3 lets you choose between a variety of different game setups, including 8-ball, 9-ball, British 8-ball and 3-ball.

Controls and gameplay

The control system is very fluid and you get a great amount of control over your shots. You line up your shots using the direction buttons then press '5' to launch and activate the power gage. Midnight Pool 3 comes with a series of interactive tutorials that help you master the basics.

Gameplay in Midnight Pool 3 is heightened by the realistic CPU AI of the game. Unlike many pool games, the computer opponents make mistakes like the best of us, and though the matches still aren't easy, it at least gives you some hope!

Midnight Pool 3 has a host of power-ups, extra equipment, the ability to level up, and even a trick shot section where you can show off your cuing skills

All in all, Midnight Pool 3 is great fun, and is one of the most in-depth pool sims available for phones.

Midnight Pool 3


Midnight Pool 3 1.1.9